“Last night a DJ saved my life, and the DJ was Tim Reeves, you simply can’t take a risk when it comes to dance floor magic and thank goodness there’s no reason to, funky baselined, soulful, vocal, disco-tactic deliciousness from Mr Charming, at a bpm to suit all the family, none of us could stop dancing.. “

Private Party

Over the past god knows how many years years , I have hosted countless parties both at the Griffin Inn and at home. Needless to say I have attended many more. Most of them have been great events…. but the most memorable, energised, beautiful! and BANGING of all of these, that knock the rest into a cocked hat , have one thing in common…

DJ Colonel aka the Maestro of the turntables Tim Reeves. 

His ability to perfectly interpret the mood of the room and then take it by the neck and get the whole place jumping ad infinitum is unrivalled. 

And he’s a bloody good geezer to boot!

Come on “ Colonel “, please, please, please 

We want you back this NYE, no one else will do !!

James The Land Lord Pullan

DJ Colonel, wow. Thank you so much, you know how to bring the party! The dance floor was full all night long (I think people were even queuing to get on?!) and we were enjoying dancing so much we left almost an hour late. You nailed the vibe and there was something for everyone, even my Granny couldn’t help but dance the night away. Thank you.

Lucy and Josh Wedding June 19

Tim made it the party no-one will ever forget. As our DJ, Tim got the mood absolutely spot on and we danced way longer than we wanted to, we couldn’t stop.

Rupert and Kat Fleming – 50th Birthday Party

4th January 2020

The Mrs 40th!

I have heard the Colonel play on 3 occasions now, one New Years Eve, a good friend’s Wedding, and because of these I approached him to do the other halves Fortieth, thus making the triple.

My Mrs is pretty picky about her music and having had a meet up with Tim (aka The Colonel) she gave him a few do’s and do not’s. She and Tim had a couple of follow up texts and all was set.


The Colonel hit the brief spectacularly. A very discerning ex London club scene guestlist turned up and were straight on the dancefloor after a couple of speeches. Tim pulled out new versions of absolute classics, as well as packing in the ubiquitous floor fillers. He played right through to close.

The following days de brief with our guests were full of praise for the DJ, where did we find him and how amazing it was to be dancing the night away on what’s supposed to be the quietest Saturday of the year!

Thanks a million to Tim (the Colonel) a cracking bloke and great DJ. Looking forward to the next party I turn up to and see his beaming face behind the decks, as I believe he gets more enjoyment from playing than being on the other side with us.

Rupert Pughe-Morgan